What the Wii Fit SHOULD be.

A screen shot of the Wii hula hoop game.



I had the opportunity to be one of the first to try out the new Wii Fit suite at my number 2 daughter’s school today.  As a “special treat,” the mothers who attend the weekly parents’ group got to take it over for almost an hour.

I had reservations about even participating.  For one thing, I’ve know about the things I would have issues with concerning the system for months now.  For another, I have very little experience with video game consoles in general, so I felt like a right idiot even being in the same room as these things!

But I have to admit: I had a great time.

Caroline, one of the other mothers, happens to own one, so she patiently explained to me how it worked.  And then one of the school employees and I beat the pants off of her and her daughter at tennis!  😉

(I also managed to bash Natasha [Caroline’s daughter] in the arm with my control thingie during the game.  I felt SO bad!)

Then I moved over to the other console and played the hula hoop game pictured above with the lady who runs the library.  Oh man, is that ever addictive!

And I have to admit that when I was done, I had that pleasant ache in my hips that I get when exercising.  That little one that is like my muscles are saying to me “We’re still here and we still work!  Thank you for moving us a little today!”

And there I was, in a room with 5 other women, moving my body and having FUN, and it occurred to me what a wonderful thing this could have been.

I say “could have been,” because the fact that I had fun didn’t negate the fact that there are serious problems with the game.  That still remains a fact.

It remains a fact that it follows the bullshit BMI standards.

It remains a fact that anyone so much as one pound into the “overweight” category gets a little Mii that has a stomach hanging down to its knees.  (In other words, if you’re not “normal,” you’re OMG TEH FATZ UR GONNA DIE!!!!ELEVENTY-ONE!!!11!1!)

It remains a fact that it’s touted as being a “weapon in the war against obesity.”

The fact that it also happens to be fun doesn’t change those facts.

But it could be so much more.

And that’s what went through my head as I was wiggling my hips and swinging my arms and doing things that made my body feel good.  That this Wii Fit thing could have been so much more than what it is.

And it’s such a shame that it wasn’t.