Misconceptions about Fat Acceptance

Why oh why is it that some people see the words “Fat Acceptance” and automatically assume that what we’re promoting is sitting on the couch all day, eating baby-flavored donuts and Mickey Dee’s, and very little else?

The most recent post over at Eat a Cheeseburger got me thinking about this again, but it’s come up before.

I’ve read some of our most common trolls talk about us using the words “nuts” “crazy” and “insane.”  You know the ones – the ones that seem to pick one of us at random, blast us with as many troll comments as they possibly can, and then (seemingly) get bored and move on.  Almost like they have some sort of awful rotation they use or something.

They honestly seem to think that’s what we’re all about: gorging ourselves on any and every UNhealthy food available and never – under any circumstances – getting any sort of exercise.

Really?  I mean, come on… REALLY???

These are the same people that went to great lengths to find a blog that I started nearly 5 years ago, find out my children’s and husband’s names, and tried to scare me with comments mentioning something that I know I’ve never blogged about here at The Long & Winding Road.  You would think that if they’re going to go through all that trouble, not to mention time, that they’d be able to find a little more about what we’re really all about.

They’d see that most of us espouse Health At Every Size – healthy eating and exercise for HEALTH’S sake, not weight loss.  They’d see that the vast majority of us are actually quite healthy and active.  I mean REALLY, how many of us blog about keeping ourselves healthy EVEN THOUGH we happen to be fat?  Most of us, if not all of us.

It makes you wonder: just WHO are the crazy ones here?  The ones who say “eat right and exercise and if you still happen to be fat, that’s okay”?  Or the ones who read the words “Fat Acceptance” and automatically get visions of supersized people sitting on a couch in their sweats with a baby-flavored donut in one hand and a Big Mac in the other?

Heh.  Like that question actually requires any thought at all.


Jesus Christ, the stupidity astounds me!

fa pride!
alxherrera@xxxxxxxxx |

Try losing 100 pounds. You’ll see that back pain go away.

From Friday Not-So-Fun: Back Pain Sucks!, 2008/07/25 at 11:45 PM

I don’t even know where to start.  Shall I start with the fact that I didn’t have any consistent back pain until I tried to lift my THIRTEEN YEAR OLD DAUGHTER???  Obviously somebody needs to go back to third grade and learn reading comprehension.

Or should I start with the fact that when I was eleven years old and only mildly overweight, I had backaches from an old, unsupportive bed then?  I mean Jesus… just watch bed commercials!  Even those people tell you that unsupportive beds will give you backaches, no matter what you happen to weigh. (And for the record, I have had this bed for 10 years, and it was old when I got it.  Beds just get less and less supportive with age.)

Or should I start with the fact that if I WERE to somehow manage to lose 100 pounds, I’d weigh less than the thirteen year old daughter that I lifted and hurt my back?  That if I lost that much weight, I’d be little more than a skeleton?  That if I lost that much weight, I would DIE.

Not to mention the fact that nobody knows how to make a naturally thin person fat anymore than they know how to make a naturally fat person thin.

Jesus H. Christ… what the fuck?!

Although I consider myself to be uneducated (the only “education” I had past high school was an office skills training program), I do consider myself to be intelligent.  And honestly?  I didn’t think I was the only one.  In America, “education” costs money.  “Intelligence” is free.

Is this what America has come to?  (I know this individual is American, because its IP address comes up as Verizon.)  Is this obesity epidemic bullshit really sucking the intelligence out of the American Public?

Or have I been giving people too much credit?

Edit: I have just gotten two more troll comments, both from the same person, one saying that my daughter looks like a retarded Furby.  You know what?  I LIKE Furbies!  I had a collection of the things!  The other comment said something to the effect of “you have a daughter?  Who in their right mind would stick their dick into a piece of jello like you?”  WELL… not only do I have ONE daughter, but I have FOUR, from THREE different fathers.  So not one, not two, but at LEAST three men (and believe you me, there were plenty more than that altogether) wanted to stick their dicks in me.  And I’ve been married to the same man for coming up to 9 years now.  Not only did he want to stick his dick in me once, but over and over again.

😆  Insults: YUR DOIN IT RONG!