Something fun for a change!

Stealing from Kate, who stole from Fillyjonk and Sweet Machine, here’s a photo meme:

1. Age at next birthday:

2.  A place I’d like to travel:

3.  My favorite place:

4.  My favorite object:

5.  My favorite food:

6.  My favorite animals:

7.  My favorite color:

8.  Town where I was born:

9.  Town where I live now:

10.  Name of a past pet:

11.  Name of a past love:

12.  Best friend’s nickname:

13.  My screen name**:

14.  My first name:

15.  My middle name:

16.  My last name:

Maiden name:

Married name:

16.  Bad habit of mine**:

18.  First job:

19.  Grandmother’s name:

20.  College major:

** okay, you know what’s weird?  I googled my own screen name, and almost every picture that came up was either a post I’d made on one of my own blogs or a comment I made on somebody else’s post!  Weird!

**Sorry, Kate, I wasn’t planning on copying yours, but that was seriously the best/funniest picture that came up!