Friday Fun: Where do you find the funny?

You know how you can sometimes get in the kind of mood where you’re kind of in a funk, and you know that what you need is a really good laugh to snap you out of it?

When I get that way, I do any number of things.  Lately, it’s been looking up my favorite comedians on YouTube.  I’m stuck on George Carlin lately.

But we’ve got tons of movies, comedians on DVD, books (George Carlin and Billy Connelly would be my favorite two), and being the evil bitch that I am, I sometimes like to go over to the Darwin Awards and go through their archives.  I usually come away from that site with tears in my eyes.

Where do you go to find your funny?

Is there a particular movie that makes you laugh no matter how many times you watch it?  A book?  A specific TV show?  A website?

Or am I just weird and I’m the only one that goes looking for the funny?


I can made lolcat.

Or… well… lolDOG.

my loldog

Updated to add: I can made an udder one!