Morning Television: Part Two

Now for the REAL reason I went on the GMTV website in the first place.

LK Today

Technically it’s Lorraine Kelly‘s own show, tacked on at the end of the GMTV airtime.  Again, this is something I don’t normally watch, but today I happened to catch the very last segment while having my breakfast and waiting for what I DID want to watch.*

It was a fashion segment, mainly about fall-to-winter dresses, with a few little snippets of accessorizing thrown in.  I went to the website looking to see if they had a clip, but unfortunately, they don’t have THAT clip.  There are some other fashion-related clips on there, so if that’s your thing, go for it.

What struck me was something the fashion expert said when she introduced the plus-size model.

It’s the shape of the clothes ON the body, not the size of the body itself that’s important.

Wait.  Did I hear that right?  Did a FASHION expert just make a size positive remark???

Honestly?  The entire segment was a joy to behold.  Even if I didn’t like some of the dresses they chose.  It was so refreshing to see a fashion expert talk about the clothes, and finding what suits you and that you like and going with that.  None of this “oh, but if you’re __________ you shouldn’t wear _________” shit.

It was only 5 minutes, but it was nice to see something so positive, especially after the day I had yesterday (I ended up having to take the youngest to the hospital following a sugar bowl-meets-floor accident).

* – I’m a geek.  I’m the only housewife I know that would rather be watching Britain A.D. than The Jeremy Kyle Show.  I absolutely loved it a few years back when we had Sky and I could watch The History Channel all damned day if I wanted to.


Friday Fun: Customer Service Review – Evans

For those of you who don’t know, Evans is a plus-only clothing chain out here in the UK.  They START at a UK14 and go all the way up to a UK32.  (US10-US28)  They are usually a little expensive for my budget, but I shop there as often as I can.  Some of my favorite clothes have come from there.

Since realizing that I’ve been wearing the wrong size bra for… oh… pretty much my entire life, I found out I had a much smaller range in options… because I need a friggin’ F cup!  (I thought a DD was big…. DAYUM!) Evans is one of the few places I can get bras in my size, and though they’re kind of expensive compared to what I was spending on bras before, they’re a quite a bit cheaper than most of my other options.

So 3 weeks ago today, I went over there to try and find a bra.  I found the one and only bra in the entire store in my size, and tried it on before buying it (because as we all know, YMMV with different styles/designers).  I couldn’t believe the difference.  My breasts have never been so lifted in my entire life!  I got this bra, in white, single, for £8.

Since I couldn’t find any more bras in my size in the store, I went online and ordered this bra and this one.  They arrived on the Thursday following my in-store shopping.  That same day, I had done 2 loads of laundry in which I washed the first bra.  As I was hanging them out on the line to dry, I noticed that the underwire in one of the cups had already ripped through! I was so dissappointed.  I’d had it less than a week!

At the same time, the multiway bra that I ordered was ridiculous.  I couldn’t even get it all the way around my torso!  And when my 11-year old came home and found out that it didn’t fit, she decided to start goofing around and put it on…. and it’s tight on her!  There is no way in HELL a woman with a 38-inch torso is going to wear it.  EVER.  Hubby measured it for me… it’s only 28 inches!  No wonder it was tight on The Little Helper!  She’s only got a 30-32 inch torso, but still!

Now, one really nice thing about ordering from Evans is that they will allow you to return items in-store.  So since I had to go grocery shopping anyway, I went over there this morning.  I brought back both the multiway bra and the one that had already ripped.  I still had the receipt for the mutiway, but not one for the ripped one.  I wasn’t all that bothered anyway, I just wanted to show somebody what had happened – how is the store going to know what it needs to improve if somebody doesn’t say something?

Well, much to my surprise, they actually refunded my money for the ripped bra!  I didn’t think they would, simply because I had thrown away my reciept (and had already resigned myself to being out £8), so it was a really nice surprise!

Some people (who, I suspect have a bigger budget and thus better options than somebody such as I) say that Evans is mediocre quality at best.  I personally don’t agree, but even if I did, I’d have to like them for their customer service.  A lot of places won’t exchange or refund even faulty items without a reciept.  They definitely earned my loyalty today.

Hero Worship: Beth Ditto

Now I admit, I haven’t been much of a Beth Ditto fan up to now.  For one thing, I’d never even heard of her until a few months ago.  For another, I’ve never heard any of her music.  But she struck me as someone I’d probably like in person, and I like her style.

Now?  I’m fucking loving her.  A fatshionista posted this screenshot she took of a press release, saying that Ms. Ditto is going to be launching a new clothing line with UK retailer Evans.  That?  That was cool enough, seeing as Evans is one of my favorite clothing stores out here.  But then I took a closer look.  And I saw this:

Beth, known for flashing her flesh in wild outfits, turned down Top Shop (who works with model Kate Moss) due to size “limits.” But the singer will design clothes sized 14-32 for UK chain Evans…

Emphasis mine.

At first glance, all I saw was “the singer will design clothes … for UK chain Evans.”  It took a second look for me to notice the other part.  Wait a minute.  You see what this means, right?  She TURNED DOWN Top Shop because they don’t make fat girl clothes!  And instead went with a chain that does nothing BUT fat girl clothes!!

Yep.  I’m in love.

Friday Fun: Breaking Out of a Rut

I’m talking clothes, here, people.  Fatshion.

I love Shapely Prose‘s Friday Fluff pieces, as a lot of them have to do with fatshion, and how we can make it work for ourselves.  But for a long time, I thought that applied to other people, not myself.  I hadn’t even really gone clothes shopping for a while, because I just wore my Omar-The-Tentmaker clothes all the time.  Tops that were easily 2-4 sizes too big.  Because that way, nobody could tell just how fat I REALLY was.  What I didn’t realize was that by wearing clothes that were too big, I was making myself look even fatter than I was.  And while there’s absolutely nothing wrong with someone being 2-4 sizes larger than myself, that’s not ME.  So why should I hide ME away, when there are so many more options out there for me other than Omar-The-Tentmaker?

So I started buying clothes that actually fit.  And were relatively stylish (you know, considering the choices fat people actually have in clothes).  But there was one thing I was still stuck on.


The last skirt (that wasn’t a floor-length number) that I bought was back in 1999.  Yup, almost 10 years ago.  And when I started posting pictures on fatshionista, I kept getting comments suggesting I wear skirts instead of jeans, leggings, or pants ALL THE DAMNED TIME.  A-line skirts, especially, were suggested.  Okay, but finding them?  Not so easy.  At least not on MY budget.  The stores I could afford to shop in rarely – if ever – have skirts that would actually fit me.

But yesterday, I ended up in the Town Centre on my way home from Number One Daughter’s school (annual review meeting time).  On impulse, I decided to stop in the Marie Curie Cancer Care charity shop.  I figured I’d have a look – it wouldn’t hurt, right?  Following my instincts turned out to be a good thing, because I came away with this:

(Pardon the bad lighting – pictures in this room always look a bit yellow-ish.)

The best part?  The whole outfit cost me less than £5!!!  Heee!  The part that blows me away?  That skirt… is a size 12.  That top… is a size 16.  Me?  I usually wear a size 20.  (That’s UK sizes, in US sizes they would be 10, 14, and 18, respectively.)  Normally, I would have seen that the only clothes that had my size number listed on them looked like old-granny-clothes and I would have turned around and walked right out.  I wouldn’t even have considered looking at clothes not in my size, because… they’re not my size! But… but… but… that says 12/16/whatever-fucking-number-you-want-to-use!  There’s NO WAY it’ll EVER fit me! But I’ve been reading posts around the fatosphere that say (in a nutshell) to not let the number of your size run your life.  And I guess it stuck, because I saw these two pieces, and I really LOOKED at them.  At the clothes, not the label.  And it looked like something that would fit me.  So I tried them on.  And they DO fit me!

So, there I am, in color (somewhat, ha), breaking out of my rut.  And you know what?  I think it looks pretty damned good.  (Take that, hubby that doesn’t think blue and green can go together!)  As I said to a random stranger this morning, I think I look like walking springtime.  And that?  Makes me happy.