Please welcome Tara, the new douchehound of the day!!!!

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Hello I noticed that on another blog you noted that you are fat due to your polish ancestry. I would like to show you that as can be seen here:
Poland has an obesity rate of only 11.4% as opposed to America with over 30% If polish ancestry is what makes you fat tthan I can only imagine people with ancestry from Iceland Finland, spain, germany or one of the many many other countries. If being polish makes you fat than The whole popluation of the world should be morbidly obese. Nice try but stop making excuses. People who are in denial and say fat is not a their fault and not a choice are the reasons that Fa will never gain a foothold. people are not that dumb get off your ass and start eating right

From No-Diet Talk, 2008/06/03 at 5:52 PM

Well, well, well. I guess I was due a new fuckwit, wasn’t I?

What the hell is wrong with this person? First of all, I’ve never blamed my fat on anything. I have come up with hypotheses as to things that might have contributed to my weight, but I’ve never laid the blame on any one thing in particular. Hell, the smartest, least fat-hating doctor in the world couldn’t tell me exactly why I’m fat, so I’m not about to go around saying “Eureka! I’ve found it!”

Secondly, what sad kind of life does this person have, to go around hunting for something to take issue with? I mean… couldn’t s/he have just prowled around my own blog for a while? I’m sure I must have said something here to rile him/her. After all, I’m deliberately being fat at the world here, ain’t I?

And who’s the asshat that’s in denial here. One who swallows every bit of horseshit shoveled down his/her throat by the media and the fat-hating fear-mongers in charge? Or the one that’s actually lived the life of a fat person?

Don’t judge a man until you’ve walked a mile in his shoes ~unkown

Until this person actually knows what it’s like to be fat, and has any fucking clue what it’s like to live in a body that’s shunned simply because it doesn’t conform to what people are told is the only way to be acceptable, then s/he can go buck a fuffalo, just like the picture says.

I don’t have to justify my life, my habits, or my existence to anybody, “Tara.” Least of all a douchhound fuckwit asshat like yourself.

Feel free to fuck right off the face of the earth.


Oooh. It’s back.

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I’ve been fat and I’ve been thin. Thin is better. It’s not really hard to do either as all you have to do is stick to a healthy lifestyle.

From Please welcome Tara, the new douchehound of the day!!!!, 2008/06/03 at 10:46 PM

Oh yeah. It’s just that simple.  Why didn’t anybody tell me!? How in the world could I have gone an entire lifetime being fat with no one telling me how simple it is to not be fat anymore?!  *headdesk*


Where the hell is my clue-by-four?

This guy needs a good whack in the head with it.  Okay, not just the head: he needs the bloody shit beaten out of him with it.

The douchebag writes:

Like it or not, most people find a person with missing teeth or jaundice unattractive at an instinctive level because both are signs of poor health and humans are hard-wired to seek out the most vital mate.

If you are overweight, you may be healthy, but you are certainly not as healthy as you would be if you were not carrying so much fat.

Oh really?  He’s been to the doctor with an overweight person, has he?  He knows that person’s strength, blood pressure, cholesterol level, endurance, etc., of every fat person he sees?  Holy shit!  This guy really needs to contact the Psychic Network about a job!

And the asshat has more.

No-one would be stupid enough to contend that smoking actually relaxes you, or that drinking ten beers is really a good way to unwind, so fat people should not get too self-righteous if the rest of us point out that over-eating and lack of exercise are also poor health decisions.

To me the statement that “we affirm that we can be healthy at any size” is just plain crap and smacks of the 20-a-day smoker saying he’s just as fit as the bloke who doesn’t smoke.

I really don’t give a stuff if fat people want to eat their way into an early grave or if they never again lift their dimpled-arses off the couch; just don’t tell me it’s not your fault.

Now this is where the douchebag really gets me.  How the fuck does he know how fat people eat or how much they exercise?  What would he have said to me during the two years I ate one meal a day and walked somewhere between 30 and 48 miles every single week?  The two years when that one meal a day frequently consisted of nothing but soup and a few slices of bread?

It’s shit-for-brains bastards like this guy that perpetuates the stereotype of fat people as lazy pigs who do nothing but eat all day and sit on their asses.  I’d like to see this guy do what *I* do all day (which includes exercise, thank you very fucking much) and then tell me it’s MY fault I’m fat. 

For the record, here’s a synopsis of a normal day for me:
7 a.m.: get up, get dressed, get 4 children up, dressed and ready for school (this includes changing and dressing an uncooperative severly autistic 12 year old).
8:45 a.m.: walk my 2 youngest to school
9:15 a.m.: come home, have some sort of breakfast (usually oatmeal), and have a work-out (usually an exercise DVD)
10 a.m.: begin cleaning (I clean all day, and only sometimes stop to have lunch – it all depends on how busy I am and whether or not I’m even hungry
3 p.m.: go pick up my kids from school (I WALK to get there)
4 p.m.: clean some more
5 p.m.: start dinner
6 p.m.: clean some more*
8:30 p.m.: get my oldest and my 2 youngest ready for bed
9 p.m.: I might – I repeat, MIGHT – be able to sit down at 9.  Sometimes it’s not until later.

*Why do I clean so much?  Because I have a 3-story, 11-room house, that’s why!  And I’m the only one who ever does any cleaning around here – out of SIX people.

Oh, but I’m sitting on my ass all day doing nothing but eat, right?  And that’s why I’m fat?

As I said before, I’d love for him to come over here and try to do what I do all day and THEN tell me that it’s MY fault I’m fat. 

Fucking douchebag asshat.

**I should point out that I read about this first at Fat-o-matic.  La-di-da took a more calm, respectful approach.  Me?  Not so much.  Fuck that.  This guy wants to be a douchebag asshat, I’ll be a bitch.  Cause and effect, people.