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I’m not one for making rules (basically just ’cause I dislike the term; it makes me sound like some friggin’ dictator or something), so instead I’d like to leave you with some points that you should keep in mind when posting a comment.

*All comments are semi-moderated. Due to being added to the fatosphere feed, I pretty much figure the number of commenters to go up. So I changed the comments setting to “must have a previously approved comment” – in other words, if you’re a NEW commenter, I’ll have to physically approve your comment. But if you’ve commented here before, it should go through with no problem. And if you’re here trolling, I’ll probably just delete your ass. Unless of course you say something spectacularly stupid, in which case I won’t be able to help myself from making fun of you.

*Spam will not be tolerated. You will be deleted without a second’s thought. I don’t care how great your product is, how much you just loooove this particular website, and I certainly don’t care if something has “changed your life!!!” If that’s the case, then bully for you, but it has absolutely nothing to do with me or what I’m writing about here.

* Please, please, PLEASE have some manners. Whether your comment is pointed at what I wrote, at me personally, or another commenter: for cripes’ sake, have some common decency.

*The above note (manners) does not, however, extend to swearing. You want to swear? Go ahead. You feel the need to say “fuck”? Well, type the fuck away. I know not everybody swears, and if you don’t like it, that’s fine, but this is my blog: my points (you know, rules… only not rules). I swear, so I can’t very well tell anybody else that theycan’t! However… if you decide you’re going to be ‘cute’ and post something like “fuck fuckity fuck fuck” for absolutely no reason… you’re going to find your ass deleted so fast your head will spin. That’s just obnoxious and rude, and directly violates point #3.

* No Diet Talk. Period. I don’t care about your diet, I don’t care what you weigh, I just don’t care. That’s it. End of story. Can you still comment? Sure. Just don’t bring up your diet. You’ll make us both happier in the long run.

* I hate spam.

* Do you disagree with something I’ve written? Can you say so respectfully and without malice? (See point three.) Then go ahead: I’m not going to delete you just because you have a different opinion to mine. If you resort to name-calling, hating, or putting me down; yeah, I’ll delete your ass then. Which brings me to point six.

* Trolls will be deleted and banished to the darkest, dampest, creakiest bridge I can find. However, if I’m in a particular kind of mood, I may use you for post fodder before deleting your comment. And then everyone who visits can see what a douchehound, asshat MORON you are.

* All SASS members note: I will not have hate on my blog. Period.  Not from you, and not from me, either.  That’s why I deleted my OWN hate-filled comment to you on my post.  I refuse to have hate infiltrate my life, in any shape or form.  Your IP addresses, email address, web addresses, and user names have been noted and you have been banned.  You try to change it up, and I’ll just ban your ass again.  Period.

* Did I mention I hate spam?

( Updated June 28, 2008 )

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