Affirmations with Dr. Nucking Futz

😉 😛

I’m doing this mostly for me, to be honest. I wanted to be able to have a page where I can go and find things that will help lift me up if I’m feeling down, or give me strength if I’m feeling weak.

But I realize I’m not the only person who ever feels that way, so keeping this page public is my way of “lending a hand,” so to speak. 😀

The Fantasy of Being Thin

Don’t You Realize Fat is Unhealthy?

The Illustrated BMI Project

Fat Can Be Sexy (I feel I should warn you, though: this is a sex-oriented blog, but I absolutely love what the author wrote about fat and sexuality and sexiness in general. So if you think you’d be offended, don’t even bother clicking. But if that kind of thing doesn’t bother you, I urge you to go read it.)

Best Thing Ever

An Anthropologist on Mars

A Public Service Announcement From… Your Body

Imaginary Bodies

Guest Blogger Dani: Treehorn Syndrome
A perspective from the other end of the spectrum.  Dani has always been thin, and becoming even thinner taught her some valuable lessons about self-acceptance and the pressure put on women to downright disappear.

Note: I will be updating this semi-regularly; whenever I see something that really speaks to me and hits home the idea that I really am on the right path, I’ll add it here. So keep checking back – there might be something new. 🙂


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  1. May I highly Recommend this video:

    I love this song, and the video even more.

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