Morning Television: Part Two

Now for the REAL reason I went on the GMTV website in the first place.

LK Today

Technically it’s Lorraine Kelly‘s own show, tacked on at the end of the GMTV airtime.  Again, this is something I don’t normally watch, but today I happened to catch the very last segment while having my breakfast and waiting for what I DID want to watch.*

It was a fashion segment, mainly about fall-to-winter dresses, with a few little snippets of accessorizing thrown in.  I went to the website looking to see if they had a clip, but unfortunately, they don’t have THAT clip.  There are some other fashion-related clips on there, so if that’s your thing, go for it.

What struck me was something the fashion expert said when she introduced the plus-size model.

It’s the shape of the clothes ON the body, not the size of the body itself that’s important.

Wait.  Did I hear that right?  Did a FASHION expert just make a size positive remark???

Honestly?  The entire segment was a joy to behold.  Even if I didn’t like some of the dresses they chose.  It was so refreshing to see a fashion expert talk about the clothes, and finding what suits you and that you like and going with that.  None of this “oh, but if you’re __________ you shouldn’t wear _________” shit.

It was only 5 minutes, but it was nice to see something so positive, especially after the day I had yesterday (I ended up having to take the youngest to the hospital following a sugar bowl-meets-floor accident).

* – I’m a geek.  I’m the only housewife I know that would rather be watching Britain A.D. than The Jeremy Kyle Show.  I absolutely loved it a few years back when we had Sky and I could watch The History Channel all damned day if I wanted to.


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