And I pass the happy on to you…

Fatshionista-er caramel_deluxe posted this yesterday, and I keep going back to it… because it just makes me smile.  I don’t even LIKE rap all that much, but I can’t help but grin every time I watch this.

SO… I figure if I’m getting so much enjoyment out of this, I may as well pass the happy on to y’all.  🙂


4 Responses

  1. Fun fun fun.
    He used to date ultrateenytiny JoJo when they were both about 12 years old or something. Maybe his tastes are now more defining and less peer-pressure-y as he gets “older” (he’s not really that old, i think he’s about 18 now), or maybe he loves all kinds of girls in all sizes.
    Fun anyway.
    And thanks for the happy. 😀

  2. the frozen YouTube image thingie for this video looks like two guys bowing to a monolith. A Big Girl Monolith. To add more happy to the happy.

  3. hahahhaha, i had written that previous comment between mock html codes that said “” (without the “”s) and the internet actually read it as an html code, so now you can’t see it. hahaha. ok. geeky comments are over now. hehe.

  4. Cyn, geeky comments are always welcome here!

    Hell, half my POSTS are geeky! 😉

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