Pre-Friday Fun: My New “Baby”

I got a kitten yesterday!!!!  😀

I had been saying for months that I would love to have another cat.  We had 2 when we lived in Illinois – Cheyenne and Dakota (they were brother and sister).  Cheyenne accidentally got locked out of the house the day we brought The Little Chatterbox home from the hospital – Hubby accidentally locked her between the storm door and the screen door and she managed to get the screen door open and ran away.  😦  I swear, I cried for a month afterward.  Dakota we had until The Little Helper set the house on fire in September 2002, and we had to give him away.  We had moved in with my grandmother and she flat-out refused to let us keep him.

A couple of years ago, we took in a former stray that Hubby’s best friend’s wife found.  We named her Jasmine.  Unfortunately, she died in her sleep about 6 months later.  But she was roughly 8 years old, and while that’s not exactly old in cat years, the fact that she was a stray meant that she was pretty much guaranteed to die an early death.  Our only consolation was that she knew she was loved and taken care of at the end.

See, I love animals.  I would absolutely LOVE to have a dog, but that’s one thing Hubby puts his foot down on.  He can’t stand dogs, and absolutely Will. Not. Ever. allow me to have one.  But cats?  Even HE loves cats.  But we aren’t financially able to be paying £80-£100 for a cat from a pet store, and besides, I really like the idea of taking in an animal that needs a home.

Well, I got lucky.  My neighbor’s son David came to the door at the end of last week and asked if I wanted a kitten.  Someone they (the neighbors) knew was giving them away already litter-trained and with all the supplies, even.  I sweet-talked Hubby into letting me take it, and David brought her home yesterday.  Complete with litter tray, food bowl, food, and a small amount of litter.  Enough that I won’t have to worry about it for a good week or so.

She’s a sweetheart, though.  In this picture, she’d climbed up on my shoulder herself.  She’s still a little skittish around the children, but I can’t say I blame her.  They won’t leave the poor thing alone!  And then they wonder why she keeps running away from them.  *headshake*

She’s a bit of a psycho, too.  This morning, as I was waiting for the girls to finish getting ready for school, Hubby was still half-asleep and the kitten was on the corner of the bed… chasing her own tail.  I’ve never seen a cat chase its own tail before.  Dogs, yes.  But not cats.

She’s really taken a shine to the Hubby, too.  He went out this evening, meeting a friend for dinner and a few drinks, and when he got home she nearly attacked him in her eagerness to be held by him.  Which I have to admit makes me just a tiny bit jealous – I’m the one that wanted her in the first damned place! 😉  But eh… as long as she’s getting comfortable with us, that’s all that matters, right?

She doesn’t have a name yet, though.  I’m undecided what to call her.  Hubby calls her “Shithead” — and she answers!  Only him, though; if I say it, she completely ignores me.  He suggested the name “Socks” because of her white paws.  And the girls are wanting “Spot” because of the numerous white spots all over her (feet, stomach, and nose).

Got a suggestion?


15 Responses

  1. OMG! She looks my cat that I had before I got married (he was an inside/outside cat when I got him). His name was Pebbles, but he never answered to that (I called him Knothead and that he would answer to). I lived out in the country and he loved to hunt (I would come home from work to find all kinds of birds, mice, and ground squirrels on the porch). One of the dogs in the trailer court where I lived chased him out into the road one day and they both got hit by a car. Now all my cats are inside cats (DH had 2 when we got married).

  2. she looks like one of my cats, and her name is evie, although i call her peeves. and she answers to it. ^_^

  3. “Shithead,” haha. My XH used to address all our cats as “Hey Ugly.” Or “Ugly and Ugly Junior.” (He worshipped them, of course.)

    She is darling! I like the name “Opus” for a tuxedo cat, Bloom County reference and all. But maybe you want a more girly name, I dunno.

  4. She’s so cute! I’m not great with cat names. I always liked the name of the cat my neighbors had when I was a kid — DC (for Damn Cat). With her coloring, my first thought was Tux, but that seems a bit masculine. I think Socks is cute, too.

    If it makes you feel better, my 14-year-old Russian Blue (Smoky) sometimes chases his tail. I’ve seen him grab at it while sitting on the edge of the sofa and actually fall off. Of course, he looks at me like it’s *my* fault, lol.

  5. Hahahah Shithead sounds fun, but it wouldn’t be a good idea with four kids in the house.
    Maybe Spotty could be cute. Or Oreo, like the B&W cookie? Or Cookie, tho it sounds a bit cheesy. Plus, you guys call them biscuits. 😛

  6. What a CUTIE. I actually like Shithead, but not like you’d think. There was an urban legend about a kid named (pronounced thusly) “Shuh-THEED.” When asked to spell it, the couple spelled, of course, Shithead. But with the alternate pronunciation the kids get the naughty thrill of implying the word without saying it, and hubby can still call her shithead lol. I’m partial to Miss, Mrs. or Mr. in front of kitty names, so Miss Shi-theed is cute too.

    On the other hand, whatever you like best will be best 🙂 I’m sure you’ll figure out what her name is eventually…not her secret one though 😉

  7. Aww 🙂 I love kitties.

    I have five cats (seven in my adult lifetime) and I gave each of them real names. I just dislike cutesy sounding names for pets, especially since mine have become like one of our tiny family. My cats’ names are Bella, Grayson, Zoe, Teddy and Chloe. My Sasha died 8 years ago and Evie died on Christmas Eve in 2005.

    Our latest cat, who we got last June, we named Chloe but we called her the “little cat” for so long it just kind of stuck. My husband now refuses to call her by her given name.

  8. Oops, that last comment was from me, Rachel, not fabulistrm. I let a friend of mine log into my computer yesterday and I forgot to log him out.

  9. awwww.. sounds like you haven’t had the best of luck with cats, hope this one is everything you want it to be!!!!! I have a crazy cat too – her name is bella and i got her from the animal shelter. I wanted to name her casey!

  10. She’s just a darling spoonful of kitten cuteness! You and the young one are awfully cute too, so she just fits right in.

    Many of the cats I’ve had are named for their personality traits. Another fun way to name your cat is to find a foreign language you like and use that for inspiration. We have a neighbor cat called Vosh (sp?) which is French for cow, and sure enough he looks like a miniature holstein in the grass of our backyard.

    I’d be tempted to call her Hanako, which can mean little flower in Japanese, but can also mean nose-girl after her white nose (if you use different Chinese characters (kanji)).

  11. She’s GORJUS!!!!

    My cat chases his tail too, and that’s why I decided to call him Kees. (I live in Holland, and the word for “Wierdo” is “mafkees” yet Kees is just a normal male name. Any cat who chases his tail as far as I’m concerned is a wierdo, so Kees it was.)

    i’m a firm believe in waiting to see what the animals personality is, before naming them.

  12. Vesta – heh. It’s funny you should mention mice. Kitty caught one last night and brought it to Hubby. 😀

    Meowser – yeah, I was thinking a little more girly – or at least completely gender-neutral – for a name. But I would LOVE Opus if she was a he. 🙂

    Mindy – 😆

    Cyn – *facepalm* WHY didn’t *I* think of that!?!? Oreo is like my favorite cookie of ALL TIME. You wouldn’t believe the excitement when the local paper shop in the area I used to live started carrying them for a while. 😉

    Annie – I wouldn’t be surprised if the “urban legend” turned out to be true. My aunt’s friend is a teacher in Florida, and she had twins in one of her classes named Orangejello and Lemonjello. Pronounced “Oh-ran-ee-ellow” and “Lim-ee-ellow”. *headshake*

    Rachel – ha! My youngest (the one I refer to as Little Miss Naughty; the one with the fucked-up hair in the photo with me [she got hold of a pair of my scissors and chopped the hell out of her own hair]) is named Chloe. She came into the room and saw her name up there and thought you were talking about HER! 😉 Actually, Chloe seems pretty common as a cat name. My best friend at the time I had Chloe had a kitten SHE named Chloe (I didn’t get the name idea from her, it was actually Hubby’s idea, just a strange coincidence).

    gina – nope, not the best luck at all. But I still loved them!

    bananapants – yeah, that’s what I was thinking. Find a name that fit her personality, one that was all “her.”

    Natalie – you know, if I had any clue about foreign languages, it would probably make naming her a little easier. I’d have so much more to choose from! 😀

  13. Kitten kitten kitten! ❤

    Sorry, I was just overcome by the cute. Conga rats on the new baby!

    If you’re not already familiar with the highly scientific fact that stuff + cats = awesome, I will direct you to where you should most certainly submit a photo of your new feline companion. ^_^

  14. Oh, I’ve seen that one! Lindsay sometimes links to them when she does her weekly stars posts (which she hasn’t done for a while, but..). I didn’t think about submitting a photo. Hell, I didn’t know you could do that! 😀

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