Fatphobia Scarily Close to Home

Angel of the North, GatesheadAs Sandy reported last night, Gateshead City Council is joining the Fatphobia Brigade and thinking up the most ridiculous measures they can think of to fight OMG TEH FATZ!!!11!!!ELEVENTY-ONE!!. I’ll get to what I think about that in a moment.

But what really scares me?  Gateshead is the next city over from me.  Yup – I can walk out the door right now, hop on a bus, and be there within 20 minutes.

I mean, granted – none of us is immune to The Fear of Teh Fatz.  We see it everywhere we go – in movies, on television, in the media, walking down the street… but a lot of the time, it seems like it’s something that happens over there – where “there” is an intangible place, that just isn’t “here.”  To know that the stupidity of fat fear is coming this close to home… it’s very disconcerting, to say the least.

But Oh. My. God.  Can these people really get any more stupid?  Forcing chip shop owners to change their SALT SHAKERS in an effort to “trick” customers into consuming less salt?  Can they not think of a better plan?

As Sandy pointed out, it’s a ridiculous idea anyway.

Another local chip shop owner, Carol Ackerman, who runs Carol’s Plaice in the suburb of Acklam, said: ‘People will just put on more salt if they want more.
‘In fact, we have had some people unscrewing the lids to do so.’

If people like my grandmother* – who like a little salt with their salt – want more, they’re going to FIND a way to get it.  Putting fewer holes in the damned shaker isn’t going to make one bit of difference one way or the other.

And I’m not alone in my indignation.  Just check out these comments from the Daily Mail article:

So the Health Gestapo have decided that a recommended amount has suddenly become an enforceable allowance. If these interfering busybodies have enough time to exercise their minds with such rubbish they obviously have too little to do and should be got rid of immediately to save the public money.
People such as them do far more to damage my blood pressure than any amount of salt.

When I buy fish and chips and find inadequate salt when I get them home I shake on some more. Are these imbeciles going to have people following customers home to make sure that they don’t do the same? After all, they have all sorts of other totalitarian rights under “anti-terrorism” measures that they can use. Still, it’s good to see that UK local governments are continuing to fulfill their major function, namely render a once-great nation the world’s laughing stock.

I’ll let these brain dead morons into a secret. If it ain’t salty enough, just shake for longer and add more. P.S. Where’s the firing squad?

Now, educating people on the over-consumption of salt?  Fine.  Seriously, folks, you’d be surprised the number of people out here that actually don’t know that too much sodium can contribute to high blood pressure and kidney disease.  (Hell, there are ADULTS out here that can’t name vegetables when they have them right in front of them.  No joke.)  But this is going beyond ridiculous.

And the worst part?  The fact that they spent loads of taxpayers’ money to do this.  I could give you a LIST of things better suited for that money… but we’d be here all day.  So I won’t do that.  But this? *headdesk*

If I didn’t know better, I’d swear these people got their brains sucked out by aliens.  It’s a better thought than the alternative.

* – I used to nag my grandmother to death about the amount of salt she used.  My other grandmother’s husband (not my actual grandfather, her 3rd husband, I think) died of a heart attack, and the one thing I always remembered was that he couldn’t have too much salt, because of what it would do to his heart.  So it made me a little paranoid.  I didn’t let up on her until she came home from the doctor and told me that her blood pressure was perfect – even with the amount of salt she eats (and yeah, it’s a lot – more than twice what I eat).  So again – there is no one-size-fits-all equation of good health.  My step-grandfather?  Too much salt = death.  My grandmother?  Too much salt = nothing.  Get it straight, all you fatphobic pricks… THERE IS NO “ANSWER” TO YOUR SO-CALLED “OBESITY EPIDEMIC.”  It’s all in your fucked up heads.


5 Responses

  1. Sandy had a post on June 26 about salt and some studies done. Those studies showed that people who ate the least amount of salt had more problems than the ones who ate the most. The reason? Our bodies need salt to function, and not having enough can cause problems. On the other hand, if we eat too much salt, our bodies make us thirsty, we drink more, and then eliminate the salt we don’t need.
    The whole article is pretty interesting, you can read it here.

  2. Yeah, I don’t think that eating lots of salt causes high blood pressure or kidney problems – it can just aggravate those problems if they’re already there. If you’ve got decreased kidney function, making them get rid of extra salt (and protein) all the time doesn’t help, and most people with dodgy kidneys also have high blood pressure, and high blood pressure can contribute to kidney decline, so it goes around in a salty circle. But you have to have one of the sodium-related conditions for excess salt to be actually bad for you. Potassium salts can also figure into all those too.

  3. Not everyone is sensitive to dietary salt – it contributes to high blood pressure in some people, but not all. I wish I could cite a journal article, but it’s too early in the morning.

  4. I’m from Wallsend, so that is hitting a little close to home! Gateshead Council must have lost all grasp on reality!

  5. Not eating enough salt fucks up your thyroids. My mum didn’t consume any salt during her pregnancy and later she developed hyperthyroidism. Sure, she was a size 2, but her heart was so fast she would have been dead by 33. She was thin all of her life because her thyroid hormones were always up the roof, but this time they went really, really up. They had to burn her thyroid gland to save her. I couldn’t be with her most of my early childood because of the radiation.
    And if that doesn’t scare enough those fuckers from Gateshead (I imagine it’s something like Royston Vasey), when she lost her thyroid and needed to go on medication to get back to normal levels, sheeeeeeee goooooooooot faaaaaaaaaaaat.

    Oh, and my superskinny boyfriend needs lots of salt on EVERYTHING. If he could add salt to ice cream, he would. He’s an intuitive eater, and following his intuition hasn’t had any visual consequences that would bother those rednecks from Gateshead.

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