From no self-esteem to arrogance in 8 short months. Just ask me how!

That was the last sentence of a comment on Fillyjonk’s promotion of Stacy Bias’ The Fat Experience Project.  I’d already read about it at The Rotund, but I was responding specifically to a comment made by FJ herself.

Please check out the project and send in your stories — I want to see Shapelings represented here. I think you guys are the perfect subjects for this project; you are strong-minded and rational, but you deeply understand the shame and fear that comes with having a non-standard body.

My first thought, after I had a good, thorough look at TFEP?  “Maybe I should send something in…” My next thought?  “Wait.  Would that be too arrogant of me, to assume that she’d want something from ME?” Then I had a good laugh at myself.  To go from complete self-loathing to worrying about being too arrogant?  That just proves what an impact The Fatosphere has had on my life.  And, arrogant or not, I think I probably will send something in to Stacy.  She might not use it, but what the hell, right?  🙂

If you haven’t had a good look at it yet, please do.  The site is very well designed, and although Stacy’s only got a few articles posted as of yet, what she does have shows the range of diverse voices that she wants to portray.  It seems like it’ll be something good for everyone involved – not just us Fat People, but those Thin People that might stumble across it and learn something from it.


2 Responses

  1. Ha! When I saw the title of this post I thought it was going to be about someone who lost a bunch of weight/had surgery and was evangelizing about their Supercalifragilistic Diet. How wonderful this post is not about someone who changed their BODY but someone who changed the way they THOUGHT about their body.

    And that IS worth writing about!

  2. 😆 I wonder just how many people I’m going to trick that way?? 😉

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