I Refuse to Hate my Body

I’m totally stealing this, but to give credit where credit is due, it’s coming from calixti over at LiveJournal.  In her original post, she writes:

Started going to the local Curves gym today. It’s the only gym within walking distance and I was deathly tired of just sitting around. So I figured yay, activity.

I didn’t count on all the body hate all the women would express. Everyone was talking about how they’d be prettier, stronger, more confident, yada yada yada if they just lost x amount of pounds and this is a problem area and so’s that and I’ve been working out so long but I’m not losing weight anymore and we’re all fat and ugly and this sweat is punishment for being fat and…ick. Now and then I tried to pipe up, but I’m a wuss. 😦 So I’m bringing it here: a list of things I love about my body.

Because body hate is lame.

Yay for body love!!!

To keep the ball rolling, here’s my list (starting from the ground up, literally):

  1. I love my calves. I have had thin friends tell me how jealous they were over the sight of my calves.  They are muscular, shapely, and strong.
  2. I love my thighs. They are big, yes, but they have a nice shape and have been developing some major muscles lately, which I think is pretty cool.
  3. I love my ass! I’ve always had a great ass.  It’s big and round and just a really nice shape.  And it looks HOT in a snug pair of jeans!  Let’s not forget, though, that it gives me a nice cushion to sit on wherever I go.  Trust me, I’ve learned with a super-skinny husband and daughter, that’s something to appreciate.  They’re always lamenting how quickly their bums hurt when they sit on something hard.  Whereas I?  Am nice and comfy, thankyouverymuch!
  4. I love my tummy. (Actually, it’s more of a love/hate relationship, but today we’re focusing on the love part.)  It has protected and embraced four babies and helped bring them into this world.  If I can’t love it for anything else, I HAVE to love it for that.
  5. I love my breasts. They have nourished children, they balance out my body shape, and have been known to mesmerize many a man.  And Hubby loves having his own personal pillows to lie upon when we watch movies together.  😉
  6. I love my hair. Now that’s a sentence I never thought I’d write, but it’s true!  I have recently learned that I’ve been treating my hair all wrong, and since I started treating it right, I’ve fallen in love with it.  It’s curly and sassy and just very, very ME!  And I like that my husband likes to play with my curls (they BOING!).  It also amuses me that Number One Daughter is fascinated by it.  She’ll stand next to me (if I’m sitting down) and just stare at my hair forever.
  7. I love my skin. I first started loving my skin when I watched a video Hubby made of me… and my skin looked positively luminescent!  I GLOWED!  And honestly, I’ve always had pretty good skin – I never had huge breakouts of acne or anything (that’s not to say I’ve NEVER gotten zits, but I’ve never gotten loads of them all at the same time).

What about you?  What do you love about your body?  I’m sure if you really think about it, you can come up with something.  I did!


5 Responses

  1. YAY! I needed this today, badly in fact. :3

    I’ll start at the top. My hair doesn’t always behave for me, but for the most part, I absolutely LOVE my hair. It’s long, and falls into waves when it’s wet. The color is an in-between sort of blondish, brownish… almost tan, with little highlights of about a million colors if you look close enough. For that reason it’s fun to look at it closely. My boyfriend likes to play with it, and I like that! 😀

    My eyes! They’re BLUE, my favorite color!

    My breasts! I love them! They’re soft and supple, round, with a shape and size that is just right for me (and okay… yeah I really like it that they drive the love of my life nutty with joy… he’s a “boob man”). And in a pinch I can hide things in my cleavage, especially when I’m wearing a corset for the ren faire! I’d have been a perfect wench-pirate back in the day, nobody would have dared go after THOSE doubloons! >:)

    My legs! Shapely! Unique! Get me from place to place! Conveniently, I only have to shave from the knees down, and not very often, good deal, thank you legs! LOVE my legs!

    Wheeeeeeeeeeeeee! ❤

  2. You know, I think I might just add this post to my Affirmations page. Cuz I just KNOW I’m going to have a bad-body day (it still happens) and it’ll help me to come back and read it.

    I’m glad you came by, SugarLeigh! I didn’t think of the “hide stuff in the cleavage” thing when I was writing mine – I can do that, too! Hell, half the time I call my boobs “The Bank.” Guess why? 😉

  3. Thanks so much, I’m glad to be here! :3

    I love what you do. This is a great little corner of the ‘net. You should definitely add this to your affirmations page… there need to me more web pages that collect together all the positivity and joy-making. I feel that in many ways the world is going through a very fatalistic trend, and it saddens me greatly. I find myself sometimes having moods of cynicism and melancholy because this oppressive wall of “waaaaail the whole world’s going to pot!” just gets to me now and again, no matter how I try not to let it.

    There’s so much to be joyful about. Thanks for reminding us. 😀

  4. I love my legs too. They have fabulous muscle definition and I know a lot of women hate having squishy inner thighs but just imagine how uncomfortable certain sexual positions would be without them. 😉 Heh, I’ve even had a couple of skinny guys I’ve dated exclaim “I never knew sex could be so gloriously comfortable!” 😀

  5. I love my skin. I barely get any zits at all. I love my huge light brown eyes with large eyelashes you can’t get at the parlour. I’m starting to get some wrinkles next to my eyes (laughter wrinkles), and I love them too. I like everything that says that I am aging. I used to have a grey hair that eventually became my favourite body part, but after going for a haircut I never found it again. I am also quite fond of my birthmarks. Nobody else has them.
    And I also love my bum. All round and firm. And my breasts, whom my partner likes to call “chichis” (the Mexican way, haha). He is also like La di Da’s dates, and finds me incredibly comfortable and cuddly in bed. And everywhere.

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