Friday Fun: Inspirational Women

As most of you undoubtedly already know by now, Joy Nash has another installment of the Fat Rant series out there.  And it is AWESOME.

But it got me to thinking.  Cuz see… Joy is the reason I found the Fatosphere in the first place.  I found her video, went to her website, surfed over to her blog, clicked on a link to Shapely Prose, and BAM!  I was HOOKED.  Honestly, I think I was simply in the right frame of mind at the right time.  I was sick and tired of fighting my body, and had been wondering for some time if “giving up” on dieting was the right thing to do.  On the other side of that same coin, I was sick and tired of hating myself.  I was tired of the evil voice in my head that would berate me every moment of every day.  But I honestly thought that I wasn’t allowed to accept myself unless I lost “all the weight.”  I honestly didn’t think that accepting myself the way I was was even an option.

Joy inspired me.  She inspired me to actively seek out the kind of people I truly needed to be around – people who loved and accepted themselves the way they were.  People who would support me in trying to get to that point myself.  People who wouldn’t tell me that I wouldn’t be acceptable unless I lost weight.

So my fun question today is: what woman (or women, if there was more than one) has inspired you?  Yes, it has to be a woman (maybe I’ll do another inspirational post just for da menz another day, but today?  It’s all about da wimminz).  It can be something recent or something that inspired you years ago.

So who has inspired YOU?


8 Responses

  1. Holly Near (she’s a singer and activist:

  2. Carla del Ponte, a former war crimes prosecutor and a total badass 😉 She has nothing to do with size activism, but I LOVE how unashamedly “herself” she is.

  3. I can’t think of any one person in particular. Maybe seeing some plus sized models and realising generally that just because I was a different scale, didn’t mean I was unattractive.

    Realising that – yes – people in my life valued me was more of an inspiration than any of the big girl role models, mainly because the only ones that I remember from when I was younger were a lot older than me. i.e. They had been slim once, but had middle aged spread and totally rocked it.

  4. Yeah Bee, maybe I should have pointed out that it didn’t have to have anything to do with size activism or anything like that… it’s just that thinking about Joy got me thinking about how she inspired me… and THAT thought inspired me to write the post! 😀

  5. I inspire myself every time I stand up for something I believe in, eat anything without guilt, dance without embarrassment, and all of the other things I do that would inspire me if I saw someone else doing them.

    I am inspired by my fundamentalist Christian best friend who uses her faith as an excuse to treat others with compassion rather than condemnation despite being immersed in a subculture full of people who behave as though they believe that condemnation is an act of compassion.

    I am inspired by my lesbian friends who love joyously, without apology. I am inspired by my feminist friends who refuse to live as though their lives are dictated by their gender.

    I am inspired by the people who challenge my ideas and choose to remain respectful and loving friends even though we don’t always agree with each other.

    I am inspired by Beth Ditto, who rocks a microphone like there is no reason to hold back and rocks an outfit like there is no reason to think she is anything short of HAWT!

  6. Sophie Dahl, when she was still plus-sized and original (no she is horribly ordinary), sort of planted the seed in me about 8 years ago. The one who gave it water was Joy Nash, and all the other nutrients came from people like Kate Harding and Rachel Richardson. Haven’t read Marilyn Wann nor any other important writers on FA and size acceptance yet, but they will surely be an inspiration too.

  7. important writers as in, with books and book signings. The bloggers and Joy Nash are very important too.

  8. My mom has always been an inspiration to me, but not because of size acceptance. She left my dad at 34 (after marrying him at 18 – she’d never even been on her own), taking my brother and me out of an emotionally abusive situation. She raised us on her own while working full time, then went to law school at night and became an attorney in her late forties. We made it through some tough times, and she was always strong and hopeful – she was always aiming for something better.

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