Hero Worship: Beth Ditto

Now I admit, I haven’t been much of a Beth Ditto fan up to now.  For one thing, I’d never even heard of her until a few months ago.  For another, I’ve never heard any of her music.  But she struck me as someone I’d probably like in person, and I like her style.

Now?  I’m fucking loving her.  A fatshionista posted this screenshot she took of a press release, saying that Ms. Ditto is going to be launching a new clothing line with UK retailer Evans.  That?  That was cool enough, seeing as Evans is one of my favorite clothing stores out here.  But then I took a closer look.  And I saw this:

Beth, known for flashing her flesh in wild outfits, turned down Top Shop (who works with model Kate Moss) due to size “limits.” But the singer will design clothes sized 14-32 for UK chain Evans…

Emphasis mine.

At first glance, all I saw was “the singer will design clothes … for UK chain Evans.”  It took a second look for me to notice the other part.  Wait a minute.  You see what this means, right?  She TURNED DOWN Top Shop because they don’t make fat girl clothes!  And instead went with a chain that does nothing BUT fat girl clothes!!

Yep.  I’m in love.


5 Responses

  1. That right there is awesomeness in itself. Throw their sizeism right back at em’! Go Beth!

  2. Good on her! Sadly I don’t think that Evans is available in the U.S. (maybe online though? I should look into that), but I cheer for Beth for sending the right message that fashion should be available all sizes. 🙂

  3. Online? OH YEAH!

    Hee, seriously – they only just started offering shipping to the US in the last year, but yes, you CAN order from them online. You’ll just have to keep in mind that prices in ££ are roughly half of what you’ll pay in $$. So if it’s £20, it’ll be $40 or thereabouts. I don’t know what shipping charges are like from here to there, but they have great shipping rates WITHIN the U.K. Only 3.95, regardless. (I’m expecting an order of bras from them in the next couple of days, so that’s fresh in my mind.) I would hope that they would have a relatively good price for shipping overseas, considering.

  4. Ah yes, I forgot about that tidbit. I shouldn’t have, since I was looking for clothing the other day online, and popped into a UK plus-size shop, only to remember, upon looking at the prices, that it would cost about double in US $. Being as cheap (or thrifty, as I like to think) as I am, I doubt I’d be very happy paying that much for clothing. Not to mention, at this very moment, I am very good on having clothes (almost too good?), so shopping would be a waste of money (a glorious waste, but a waste nonetheless xD).

  5. Hey, I’m cheap too – that’s why I stay away from there! I seriously do like most of their stuff, but it’s the prices that get me. There are other stores where I can get entire outfits for what I’d pay for one item at Evans. But we do have a very low budget; if we had more income? I’d probably be shopping in there all the time. Hell, the only reason I’m buying bras from them is because they’re one of the few places I can find my size in. Another one, Primark, has them for £3 each, but I have a helluva time finding one in my size in the store. They carry them, but it seems like every time *I’M* looking for one, they’re out. (Maybe 38F is more common than I thought?) Most stores out here stop at 40D, and the most of the ones that DO carry them are more expensive than even Evans.

    Anyway… all that is to say that I completely understand.

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