Quicky FYI: Comments policy

I updated the comments policy today. Due to being added to the fatosphere feed, I’m sure I’m going to have a lot more commenters than I’d been having. So keeping my comments moderated seemed like putting the whole group through something that only a few deserve.

So as of today, I put them on semi-moderated. Which means that once you post a comment and I approve it, the next time you post a comment it’ll go through automatically. So NEW commenters will have to be approved, but that’s it. It also allows me to keep a tight rein on trolls, especially since they tend to use different made-up email addresses each time, and therefore would automatically go into the queue.

That is all. Have a Rainbow Day!*

* – an homage to my high school principal, who used this phrase EVERY. SINGLE. DAY. Over the PA system.


2 Responses

  1. A Rainbow day…

    So, was he or she secretly advocating for the dreaded GAY AGENDA? I’m surprised your principal didn’t get called out for it. ^^

  2. LOL I highly doubt it… she was a NUN! I think she must have been a hippy turned nun, myself.

    I went to Mount Assissi. We had more teachers and staff that WERE nuns than that WEREN’T.

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