I Have A Pretty Face!!!

My pretty face just arrived in the mail this morning.  Heidi – AKA thesugarmonster on LiveJournal – is selling these t-shirts and I just HAD to have one.

The Hubster woke me up and handed it to me and I put it on IMMEDIATELY.  I turned to him and said “See?  Now I have a pretty face!”  LOL

Although I really liked his answer.  “You already had one.”  Sigh.  I just love that man.  😉

Like it?  Go get your own.  You’ll be all stylish and stuff, and you’ll be helping Heidi out at the same time.  A win-win situation all around!!! 😀


3 Responses

  1. I’ve been considering one of those shirts. I’m afraid I’m too chicken to wear it, but I really should just go ahead and get one.

    You are rocking the shirt, and incidentally, your hair is awesome.

  2. You know, I wore that shirt out and about the day I got it. I got a few comments on it, but it was more “hey! that’s cute! where’d you get it?” kind of comments, nothing snarky (thankfully).

    And thank you on the compliment of my hair. I’ve gotten mixed responses to it (it seems people either love it or hate it), but I like it – and that’s saying a LOT.

  3. You certainly do!

    I bought one of those shirts too, but I kept forgetting to take a picture in it. Phoo.

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