DIY yogurt

Ever since the OMG!!1!! OBESITY EPIDEMIC!!!111!!! tripe started sweeping across the globe, more and more I see ads on television that aim to shame us into eating healthier and/or lose weight.  Jamie Oliver (on the left here) is one of the best and worst of them.

He’s both because while he seems to be absolutely everywhere talking about eating healthier, he does it with such enthusiasm that it’s hard to be annoyed with him.  He seems to be the kind of person that truly loves food, he just wants people to be more in touch with healthy food and how it can truly taste (these are just my personal observations; in no way am I claiming to be an expert on the man).

But at the same time, he’s definitely got a foot in the OMG!!1! OBESITY EPIDEMIC!!!11!!1 camp.  He single-handedly initiated the revolution of school lunches out here in the UK.  At first, honestly, it sounded like a good idea.  Especially when I heard reports that over half of school-aged children here couldn’t identify a vegetable when they had it right in front of them.  But they’ve gone way over to the other extreme, making school lunches cardboard-like and completely tasteless (The Little Helper is always complaining about what she’s being served at school – and she was actually excited when she found out that they were making the school lunches healthier.  Go figure.)  I can’t say that’s all Jamie Oliver’s fault, but he started the whole thing, so….

Even when he’s not making television shows or overseeing his chain of restaurants, he’s appearing in ads for one of the supermarket chains out here, Sainsbury’s.  I actually kind of like these commercials, because they seem to be more about trying new and healthier things than about shaming people about their size and/or eating habits.  Again, it’s his excitement surrounding food that seems to come through.  And the stuff he’s pushing on you looks really tasty, too – always a plus when pushing “healthy eating” on people.  If it looks good, people are more likely to try it, regardless of whether it’s healthy or not (a la Marks & Spencer’s ads).

One particular ad that stuck in my head was one regarding yogurt.  And as we fatties know, yogurt isn’t necessarily a diet food.  Definitely out here, it’s not marketed as strictly a diet food (which I found extremely refreshing, I must say).  In the ad, Jamie suggests taking plain yogurt, and adding some dried fruit and some honey.  And of course, as with any food advertisement, it looks absolutely divine (those food ad-people can make cardboard with ketchup look good, I swear).

So this morning, I had just dropped my kids off at school and I realized I was hungry… and we didn’t really have anything in the house for me to eat for breakfast.  So what’s a girl to do?  Go to the shop, of course!  There’s a little supermarket right on the corner of my street, and I’m in there practically every day.  So I go in.  I go over to the little fridge-thing where they keep the yogurt, and I can’t get that post from Shapely prose (linked to above) out of my head.  Guess what?  Not a single full-fat yogurt to be found on any of the shelves.  NOT. A. ONE.  But then that commercial with Jamie Oliver pops into my head.  Plain yogurt?  Check.  Dried fruit?  Next aisle over… check.  Honey?  Check.  There was one “gourmet” yogurt that was honey and walnut flavor… but it was over £0.70 a pot.  I could get a huge tub of plain yogurt for just £0.59.  But it gave me an idea.  So when I went to the next aisle over to get the dried fruit, I got some walnuts too.

I just finished eating my plain yogurt with dates, walnuts, and honey, and let me tell you… this stuff is absolutely divine!  The honey adds a richness to it that I wouldn’t want to be eating every day of my life, but as an occasional breakfast?  Delish.  I would have taken a picture of it, but The Hubster walked off with the camera and I don’t know where he put it (and he’s asleep right now, so I’m not going to bother him for it).  I just found it so surprisingly delicious that I just had to share that with you all.  After all, a lot (if not most) of you are in the U.S., so you may not have even heard of this particular idea.  I just might be doing a public service by telling you all about my wonderful breakfast.  😉

For lunch, I’m planning a tomato and cheese salad.  I’m going to chop up some plum tomatoes, add some cubed Wensleydale cheese, and drizzle some Italian salad dressing on top.  Even though I just ate, my mouth is watering at the prospect of some yummy lunch later. 🙂


2 Responses

  1. I love plain yogurt with honey and blueberries and walnuts!

    Over here we eat plain lowfat Greek yogurt, it’s quite tart so I add honey too. I also eat this over Ezekial cereal — de-lish. When I’m in the Netherlands I eat museli w/ their lowfat yogurt. I’ve always thought the dairy products in London and Amsterdam were so wonderful and fresh compared to the US market! (probably because you all don’t inject your cows with all kinds of hormones and anti-biotics and crap!)

    The only yogurt that matches that quality here is the greek (fayeh) yogurt. I will have to try it with the dried dates now, that sounds fantastic.

  2. Oliver doesn’t love food or he wouldn’t be spending his career scaring children about evil foods he believes people shouldn’t eat..

    He’s a kid with an agenda and it’s more incredible that the school system and government health officials would take nutritional advice from a cook without any degree in science, nutrition or medicine.

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