Yeah, what he said!

Browsing the Fatosphere, I found this by Red No. 3.  I understand why he has comments turned off *coughtrollscough* , but it’s times like this when I wish I could post a comment over there, even if it’s just to give him a written high-five!

I swear, it’s like he read my mind.

I’m going to wake up on New Year’s Day and not be thinking about my weight. I won’t be making any resolutions about losing weight. Fat hatred isn’t inevitable. Self-loathing doesn’t have to be a way of life. Everyone has the capacity to liberate themselves from fat hatred. Everyone. I don’t buy into the notion that self-love should be withheld from people if they really don’t want to. No matter how certain you are that you can’t accept your body. No matter how much self-justifications you make for self-hatred.

That’s pretty much what went through my mind when I first found Fat Acceptance.  You mean I don’t have to hate myself?  I might actually be correct in thinking that I’m meant to be this size (after years and years and years and years of useless dieting)?  That it might be okay for me to accept myself the way I am?  That maybe – just maybe – I might be okay, regardless of what size I am?  I don’t have to keep fighting my body to make it smaller just because I think I should be smaller?  I don’t have to constantly obsess over what I’ve eaten, what I am eating, and what I’m going to eat, because it might *gasp* make me even fatter?  (Which actually has never happened, so I don’t know why I’ve thought that, but I have.)

The only thing I would add to what he wrote is directly related to one of the quotes he used.

“I need to get healthy”

I would add that thinner doesn’t always equal healthy.  That just because you’re not thin doesn’t mean you couldn’t – or shouldn’t – exercise.  That exercise in and of itself is healthy for you regardless of whether or not it results in weight loss.  To be honest, that was one of the biggest epiphanies I had when I first found FA.  Once I got over the “you mean I don’t have to hate myself just because I’m fat” bit.  You mean I should exercise even if I don’t lose weight?  That I might find it fun if I do it just to do it and not obsess over what the scale does or doesn’t say?  Wow!  (It really was a wow, at least to me.)  Realizing that there is such a concept as Health At Every Size and that I can – and should! – adopt that concept for myself was such a revelation to me.  I had been so indoctrined in the exercise = lost weight routine that I really and truly thought that I shouldn’t even bother if it didn’t result in my losing weight.

But Brian, dude, you rock.  Yeah.  What you said.  😉


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  2. Thanks for the agreement, but be aware that my comments are not turned off because of trolls.

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