J.K. Rowling: The Tales of Beedle the Bard

I admit it: I’m a Harry Potter nut.

I didn’t think I would be.  When the first movie came out, to be honest, I wasn’t all that interested.  I hadn’t heard of the books until they started talking about the movie, and it seemed (at first) like your run-of-the-mill children’s movie.  But then, on a whim, I bought the DVD after it had been released for The Little Helper (she’s 10 now, she was about 5 at the time).  When we got home from the store, she wanted to watch it immediately, and immediately, I was hooked.  I was surprised at just how good it really was, and found myself looking forward to the next movie. 

Then I got my hands on the actual book, and couldn’t put it down.  Once I finished that one, I had to find the next one.  And the next.  And the next.  We now have almost the complete series (I think we’re missing book 6, and we have book 5, but it’s missing the last few pages [thanks to The Two Littlest Monsters]).  In my defense, though, I’m not the only Harry Potter nut in the house.  Obviously, The Little Helper is just as much a nut as I am, as are The Two Littlest Monsters.  But so is The Hubster.  Once I finished the first HP book, he was so intrigued by my reactions as I read it that he had to read it for himself.  I got him so hooked that he went and bought the last installment just a week or so after it was first released (previously, I’d gotten all of the HP books from charity shops).

So when I heard about this book that she’d hand-written and was auctioning off for charity, I was intrigued.  Okay, more than intrigued.  I was wishing I had thousands of pounds in the bank so I, too, could bid for it.  My thirst for all things Harry Potter is by no means quenched.

Imagine my surprise when I logged onto amazon today to try and order the kids some gifts from their grandmother with those AmEx cards she sent and I see this big headline stating that amazon paid £1,950,000 for the book at auction.


Did you hear that?  That was my bubble. Bursting.

I was surprised to realize that amazon were the ones that won the auction of the book, and when I saw the winning bid, I nearly crapped myself.  That’s nearly two million pounds!

But it’s all for a good cause.  All of the proceeds for this particular book are going towards a children’s charity that Ms. Rowling started.  So the sale of this one book is going to do a lot of good.

But then I saw that amazon are going to do a running commentary on the book, chronicling each story held within it.  So even those of us who don’t have two million pounds to throw at one book can have at least a glimpse of what’s contained in it.

Which is really good news to Harry Potter nuts like myself.  😉


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