Quote of the Day

The Littlest Monster, also known as my 5 year old daughter, earlier this evening:

Of course you’re cute, Mommy!  … And you’re cuddly, too!

The first sentence was in reference to a question she asked me.  I have absolutely no idea why it occurred to her to ask this question, but she came into the kitchen where I was washing up and asked me: Mommy, are you cute?  Not knowing exactly how to answer that (before, I would have laughed or said “Uh… no.”  Now?  I don’t know HOW to respond), I just shrugged my shoulders and made an “I dunno” noise.  That first sentence was her answer.

That second line came a little later, after I was done with the kitchen and we were about to dive into the Christmas box to start putting decorations up around the room (we put the tree up last Saturday).

After having to deal with fat haters, trolls, and Santa-bashing, that absolutely made my friggin’ day.  So The Littlest Monster gets my Quote of the Day crown.  🙂


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