7 Random Things

Taking up The Rotund‘s invitation, I thought I’d do another meme – it’s good for breaking up the seriousness of the blog, if nothing else.  And I know a lot of you that do read what I write hardly know anything about me, so it’s good for a little “get to know you”, as well.

So here you go!

1.  I was voted “Most Likely to Win an Emmy” by the Class of ’94 at Mt. Assissi Academy.  To be honest, I’ve always wondered if it was some sort of sick joke, but then again, maybe not.  That particular school was one of the best as far as being bullied about my weight went – it didn’t happen at all there.  That’s not to say that there weren’t a few people there that didn’t have a inherent dislike toward me, but the few (and there really were only a few) that did, were the sort that really didn’t like anybody.  They had a very nasty view towards everybody, really.  So I just can’t be sure.  I’ve always wondered, though.

2.  Speaking of high school, I was on the school paper my senior year.  I can’t remember why I wasn’t on it my junior year (I only went to MAA my junior and senior years).  The funny thing was, our faculty advisor (who also happened to be my religion teacher for the two years I went there) couldn’t think of an assignment for me to do for the last issue.  So she allowed me to print a poem I’d written celebrating the fact that we were graduating and moving on to bigger and better things.  I’ve always thought that was really cool of her – it was the paper, so she didn’t have to do that.  We had a literary magazine for that sort of thing.

3.  Speaking of that, there’s another interesting factoid about me.  I was supposed to have been the editor for our literary magazine our senior year.  The way it worked then, the out-going editor (who was always a senior) got to pick her successor from the juniors on the staff.  I had been writing for and working with the magazine club a lot my junior year, and Amy (the then-editor), assured me (in private) that I was her pick for editor for the next year.  Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to attend the very last meeting, because they decided to have it at someone’s house on a Saturday morning, and my grandmother had to work – and having only one car (and no license at the time), that precluded me from going.  Imagine my shock the following Monday when it was announced that another girl, one who had only attended the last three meetings of the entire year was appointed editor.  Oh boy, were my feelings hurt.  But no, I didn’t say anything.  And yes, I was still on the staff the senior year, but I never got over it.  Not totally.

4.  The reason I’ve got high-school-on-the-brain is because I just got a ‘care package’ from my grandmother, with a bunch of yarn I’d left at her house and a couple of pieces of mail – one of them being the alumni newsletter from MAA.  I guess you could say I’m just in a nostalgic mood. 🙂

5.  I was actually homeless.  Twice.  Not homeless as in ‘I had to move back in with mom and dad.’  I mean homeless as in ‘either I stay at a shelter or I live in a cardboard box’ homeless.  The first time, my grandmother kicked me out when I was 19 (oh yeah, and I had a 10-month old baby at the time).  The second time was after I had gotten a place of my own with a man who turned out to be abusive.  When that relationship ended, my grandmother allowed me to stay with her temporarily as long as I seriously went about looking for another place to go (and if I hadn’t found another place so quickly [less than 4 months], I have no doubt that she would have kicked me out on my ass again).  I found a better shelter than the one I’d been in previously, and I ended up living there for nearly two years, until I got some training that allowed me to get a job good enough to support me and my (by then) two children.

6.  I met my husband on the internet in 1999.  Until it happened to me, I always thought that people who said they’d found their husband/wife/boyfriend/girlfriend/significant other on the internet were total whack-jobs.  Seriously.  I just couldn’t wrap my head around how someone could fall in love with another person without ever spending any time together.  Until it happened to me.  We’ve been married 8 years now.  😀

7.  My secret I’m-so-ridiculous-just-for-thinking-this dream is to become a singer.  I’m pretty good (I couldn’t begin to compare myself, but I know I don’t suck), and I just enjoy singing.  To this day, I can get my almost-13-year-old autistic daughter to calm down if I start singing.  Or, if I just happen to be doing something like cleaning the kitchen with my iPod in my ears and I’m singing, she’ll come into the room to just listen.  One of my aunts practically begged me to sing at her wedding (I did, and it definitely ranks up there with some of the most nerve-wracking moments of my life).  So I KNOW I don’t suck.  But I don’t doubt that the odds of me suddenly being ‘discovered’ are like 1357924680-1.  But hey… a girl can dream, right?  🙂


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