Val Kilmer + Fat = Ugly. Are you kidding me?

In the latest episode of The World Has Gone Absolutely Loopy, through RioIriri, I heard about this whole “let’s vilify Val Kilmer because he doesn’t look like a sex god anymore” thing.  To be quite honest, I’d never heard about VK having gained any weight at all, but then again, I steer as clear of celebrity gossip as I can.  I would hate it if people picked apart every single thing I’d ever said or done, so I try not to be part of the problem for them.  Besides, I don’t actually know any of these people, so I frankly just don’t care.  Are they still working?  Yes.  Can they do their job?  Yes.  (In the case of people like Val Kilmer, whom I’ve always liked) are they still as good as they were before?  Yes.  Okay, that’s all I care about.  I don’t give a shit who they’re sleeping with, what they do on their own time, or whether they’ve gained five pounds in the last year.  None of my business.

I had to go searching for some articles on this whole thing, simply due to my ignorance on the matter.  And you know what?  Most of them were amateur blogger-type-journalist-wannabes that seem to thrive on bashing these people that they don’t even know.  (That last link?  You’ll have to scroll way down to get to the picture and the caption – and ignore all the gay-porn-type pictures.)

So I did another search, and I found these photos:


That’s the WORST a google search came up with. 

So I ask: are these people fucking kidding me?  First of all, let’s see: he’ll be 48 next month (hey!  His birthday is the day after mine!  Cool!).  Forty-friggin’-eight, people.  He’s no spring chicken anymore.  Oh sure, he’s probably got at LEAST another good 20-30 years left in him, but come on!  Like Rio said:

There is no reason for a nearly 50-year-old man to attempt to look like he did when he was 30, and it is selfish and disgusting for people to be angry with him for aging normally.

Too right, Rio!  And seriously, let’s look at him for what he is: a middle-aged actor.  But you know what?  He’s STILL damned sexy!  I don’t think he’s any LESS sexy now than he was when he was 30.  His sexiness has simply aged and changed WITH him.  He’s a different KIND of sexy now than he was twenty years ago.  That doesn’t make this kind of sexy any less valid than his old sexiness was.

But let’s say, for argument’s sake, that he really hadn’t aged all that well and he was getting downright fugly.  If that were the case, so what?  So-fucking-what?!  Is it his job to look like a sex god 24/7?  No.  It is his job to entertain, to make us believe we’re looking into the life of another person for a short time.  And you know what?  His talent and ability far outweigh what he may or may not look like.  I think his accomplishments and his talent should count for way more than what we see when we look at him.  Why people think that just because he’s a celebrity he’s public property is beyond me.  What right does ANYBODY have to tell another person what they can and cannot do in their life, not to mention what they should LOOK LIKE?!  It’s insane!

I mean, if we’re going to follow that logic, then actors like Roberts Redford and Newman should just go out and shoot themselves now.  OMG!!!  They’re, like, OLD!  What?  They still achieve Oscars, even though they’re OLD?!  So what!  They’re OLD!  EEeeeew!

How absolutley asinine is that?


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  3. How dare he not remain youthful forever! He should be shot!

    As I said in my blog post, I think it’s partially a fear of death, and partially the American tendency to make everything about sex (and if we could have a less sex-is-dirty environment, it wouldn’t be such a problem).

  4. Oh, and I not usually much for celebrities, but I’ve always had a sweet spot for Val. He’s just got such a natural, beautiful smile (kind of like my wonderful husband!).

  5. Just would like to say that while it’s true that it really shouldn’t matter, and he’s aging naturally, middle aged celebrity women are so very freaking often taken to town for not looking like young vixens that it’s ridiculous.

    I also kind of feel that if women celebs are being treated that way and encouraged/pressured to get lifts of all sorts, men should start feeling the pressure too. Hopefully the more people that are pressured, the more they will come to a consensus that it is just not right or healthy for men or women.

    It would be ideally better if men and women celebs were both allowed to age/put on weight like normal people but for now it doesn’t look like the case.

  6. Sep, actually, I totally agree with you. I just didn’t go into it because I was talking about Val Kilmer specifically, not middle-aged celebrities in general.

    I can only hope that if everybody is feeling the insane pressure (both men and women) that eventually they’ll collectively wake up and realize just how insane it really is.

  7. I think Val Kilmer is a great actor, probably one of the most under-rated, ever. He was amazing in Tombstone…I loved him in Willow…he was Jim Morrison in The Doors…he has transformed his appearance for films more than once. I thought he was great in Commanche Moon… What he looks like is his business. I’m always happy to see him on stage/film and if I met him I would undoubtedly swoon!

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