Ya know… sometimes I wonder….

…If there isn’t some unknown higher-power-type reason that people are getting “fatter.”

This is just me thinking out loud here (or in print, whatever), but I’ll explain what I mean.

It’s been proven that certain ethnicities (poor Irish, for example, or Polish peasant [which I happen to be descended from]) were more likely to have more fat stores than their upper-class counterparts, because of the feast-and-famine cycle.  They would store fat to live off of when food stores were scarce.  It was the only way they could continue to survive.

And people that come from cold climates (i.e. EskimosEskimo Hunter ) tend to have more fat stores than others – to keep them warm in those bitterly cold winters.

Now, for argument’s sake, we’ll assume that this OMG! GLOBAL WARMING!!!11!! crisis is true.  Just for argument’s sake, okay?  Have you seen The Day After Tomorrow?  If you have, you’ll know what I’m talking about.  When that movie first came out, I saw/heard/read a lot of environmental scientists say that what they depict in that movie is what actually could happen if global warming weren’t somehow reduced.  (Could, not will – the distinction is quite important.)  So, for argument’s sake, we’ll assume that global warming is just as bad as if not worse than the “experts” are telling it us its; and we’ll assume that scenes like what is depicted in The Day After Tomorrow is what is going to happen eventually.

Hmm… I just wonder who is going to be more likely to survive?

Someone like this:

Size 0

Or someone like this:

woman Size 18


It strikes me as oddly coincidental that we’re getting the OMGZ!!! OBESITY EPIDEMIC!!!11!! and OMGZ!!! GLOBAL WARMING CRISIS!!!!11!! at the exact same time.  What if – and I’m just postulating here – what if God/Mother Nature/Allah/Buddha/The Man on The Moon actually MEANT for us lowly humans to start gaining weight, in order to survive what would basically be another ice age?  What if us fatties are the ones that are going to keep the human race from going extinct?

Wouldn’t that just bite the fat-haters in the ass?


4 Responses

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  2. Fuel efficiency has it’s benefits. LOL.

  3. Yup! 🙂

    I even mentioned my little theory to my hubby – who is UNDERWEIGHT (I posted a pic on my rant about insurance companies in the US). He didn’t actually SAY anything, but the look on his face said it all.

    Even HE knows I COULD be right.

    (And he’s a total science nerd – he could tell you all you could possibly want to know about black holes and shit. 😆 )

  4. And the “easy keepers” shall live long and reign!

    We had a pony that only needed about 1 large cup of feed a day in winter and none in spring or he would “founder” due to overweight. The vet called him an “easy keeper”. He fit right in our whole family. Loved that fuzzy little pony. He was Welsh. He lived to be in his late 20’s/early 30’s.

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