Now Global Warming is our Fault, Too!

According to this article, us lazy fatties are to blame for global warming.

Nice, huh?

Now, maybe I’m being overly sensitive – and if I am, go ahead and tell me, it’s okay – but this is just pissing me off.  It seems like every other day, we’re being blamed for something else.  First, we’re putting pressure on the health care system.  (But if you read that other blog I’ve been pushing on you today, you’d see that the so-called “doctors” in our health-care system are making sure that fat people DON’T go to the doctor… so how the hell are WE putting pressure on the health care system????)  Then, getting cancer is all OUR fault (never mind genetics, man-made chemicals, and things like asbestos and whatnot – we’re all just getting cancer because we’re FAT…. riiiiiiiiiiiiiiight…).  Now this?!

America’s obesity epidemic and global warming might not seem to have much in common.  But public health experts suggest people can attack them both by cutting calories and carbon dioxide at the same time.

How?  Get out of your car and walk or bike half an hour a day instead of driving.  And while you’re at it, eat less red meat.  That’s how Americans can simultaneously save the planet and their health, say doctors and climate scientists.

Now, I’m all for saving the planet.  As a matter of fact, I don’t own a car anymore and I walk to 99% of the places I do travel to.  But how in the fuck is eating less red meat going to save the fucking planet????

And have these doctors and scientists ever actually looked outside of their little offices and laboratories?  Do they not realize that in America, you cannot even survive without a car?  The only reason I can get by without a car is because I no longer live in a country that does not even know the meaning of the term public transportation!!  When I lived in the suburbs of Chicago, I needed to own a car.  I once lost a job all because I didn’t have a car.  No car = no way to get to work.  No way to get to work = no job.  I lived half an hour away from my job, and in order to take a bus there, I would have to get up at around 2:30 in the morning, walk two hours to get to the bus depot, take the bus (on what would have ended up to be an hour long bus ride [did I mention I lived only half an hour away from said job?]), walk another twenty minutes, and end up getting to work half an hour early.  I’ll do the math for you: that’s 5 hours from waking to getting to work.  F-I-V-E.  And I wasn’t alone in my situation, either.

In big cities – like Chicago itself – one can get away with not having a car.  Or, if they absolutely must have a car (say their commute is to somewhere that the bus lines don’t go), they can take the suggestion and walk to the grocery store or whatnot.  But when you live in the suburbs – which the majority of the American population does – that’s just not possible.  Unless you happen to be one of the lucky few that actually do live within walking distance.  But that ain’t too many American citizens, I can tell you that.  The sheer logistics of the statement “walk instead of drive” make it almost impossible for a lot of Americans.

Oh, but they get even more ridiculous.

The World Health Organization estimated that 160,000 people died in 2000 from malaria, diarrhea, malnutrition and drownings from floods – problems that public health and climate scientists contend were worsened by global warming.

WTF?  How in the hell is malaria worsened by global warming?  It’s carried by mosquitos, for fuck’s sake!

The average person walking half an hour a day would lose about 13 pounds a year.  And if everyone did that instead of driving the same distance, the nation would burn a total of 10.5 trillion calories, according to [Paul Higgins, who published a study in 2005], formerly with the University of California at Berkeley. 

I’ve got news for Mr. Higgins.  That’s bullshit!!!  Until we moved to this particular house in July of this year, I was walking anywhere from an hour to two hours a day just taking my kids to and from school.  If I had to go grocery shopping or anywhere else, I would have had to walk more than that.  And guess what?  I didn’t lose a pound.  Not one.  And for a long time, I was eating only one meal a day, which often consisted of nothing but some soup and a couple of slices of bread.  We were poor – dirt poor – and that’s all we could afford.  Calories in/calories out?  I should have fucking disappeared during that time.

And this?  This just fucking gets me:

The average American man eats 1.6 times as much meat as the government recommends, [Dr. Robert Lawrence of the Johns Hopkins School of Public Health] said.  Some studies have shown eating a lot of red meat is linked to a higher risk for colon cancer.

Okay, that brings to mind a couple of things. 

1.  Does this “doctor” – who supposedly went to school and actually got some sort of good grades (I’m assuming; otherwise he wouldn’t have graduated) – not understand the history of human beings’ eating habits?  We’ve always ate red meat – we are omnivores.  That’s why we have both canine and molar teeth – so we can eat everything: animals AND plants.  And while we’re at it: 1.6 times?  That’s what? Half a burger more than you’re “supposed” to eat?  How much more “big brother” can we get?

2.  “Some studies have shown eating a lot of red meat is linked to a higher risk for colon cancer.”  Really?  Then why weren’t as many people dying of colon cancer 100 years ago?  They ate just as much red meat as we do now.  Did ya ever stop to think – “doctor” – that maybe it’s OTHER factors that have increased this risk?  Such as the preservatives and additives we put in our food?  After all, red meat isn’t the only thing we shit out in a day.

Now, tell me: am I being overly sensitive?  Or do you get the same feeling I do: so-called “scientists” seem to be on a mission to blame as much of the world’s problem on us fat people as they possibly can.  “Let’s shame them all into losing weight.”  I gots news for you: if that was going to work, there wouldn’t be any fat people for you to shame.


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  1. Funny. I read the same thing about obesity causing global warming but the article was worded differently. It said it was because obese people “eat more” than “average” sized people and therefore farmers have to grow more food to feed the “fat People” who apparantly cant control themselves and that causes more greenhouse gases. Oh yeah, it also said us fat people dont do any walking where as “average” people do. So the cars that “fat people” drive is causing global warming. They say it with no regard to the skinny damn trophy wives who drive hummers and are using up all our damn fuel supply and leaking more greenhouse gases into the air then 20 fat people. This is ridiculous. Society has a fat-phobia and they try to make us feel ashamed and alienated. This has got to stop!

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