And yet the media wants to tell us that we’re all lazier than past generations were.

I found this article rather ironic, especially considering my past post.

Basically, it all boils down to this: what the media keeps trying to push as the reason obesity rates are rising (i.e. leading a sedentary lifestyle) is bullshit.

The American Academy of Orthopedic Surgeons has reported that total knee replacements among patients aged 38 to 56 has doubled in the past ten years. Many of these younger patients are athletic types who sustained injuries in their 20s, or are people who continue to indulge in high impact sports. Yet, we rarely hear in the news that more of us are more active today than previous generations or of the benefits of moderation.

No kidding!!!  I’m not one to completely believe everything I read, but this I definitely believe 100%.  Why?  My own grandmother fits right into those statistics.

At the age of 43 she had her first hip replacement.  FORTY THREE!  (I was 5 at the time and have some vivid memories of it.)  Granted, hers wasn’t due to high impact sports – it was due to a motorcycle accident.  But that doesn’t change the fact that she fits right into the statistics.  Not to mention the fact that joint replacements generally only last for around 20 years.  So someone who gets a joint replacement surgery in their late 30’s are likely to need to have at least one re-replacement in their lifetime, if not two.  Again, that happened to my grandmother.  She had her left hip replaced in 1980, the right one replaced due to arthritis in January 2004, and had to have the left one RE-replaced in late 2005.  She did fall on it in the summer of 2005, but her doctor said that wasn’t the CAUSE of needing the re-replacement – it just accelerated the whole process.  She would have needed it re-replaced soon regardless.

What really gets me is how this applies to fat people.  Because seriously, people, not all fat people can possibly be lazy.  I mean it’s just mathematically impossible to believe that every single fat person on the planet could possibly do nothing but stuff their faces all day.

But get this:

Intense exercise can exacerbate joint damage for heavier people who make up the largest portion of those getting joint replacements. The increases in joint replacements by BMI exceed increases in ‘overweight’ or ‘obesity.’

It’s not JUST teh fat that’s causing the breakdown of joints, it’s weight coupled with intense exercise.

The most ironic thing I realized in reading the article?  Out of all the countries willing to announce that it’s the exercise that’s killing peoples’ joints, not one of them was the USA.  Or even the UK.  And I find it hard to believe that it’s only countries like Canada or Australia that’s experiencing this.  They’re the ones that are so active, but the rest of us are simply sitting around on our laurels all day every day?

Not bloody likely.


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