You’ve GOT to be KIDDING me!!!

I saw vesta44’s blog entry on this earlier today and I seriously thought it was a joke at first.

I mean… come ON!  I used to work in data entry – that’s where I have the most experience.  And I know for a FACT that employers are only interested in one thing: productivity.  It doesn’t matter how fast you are, they always want more. (I type an average of 70 wpm, and when I worked for the insurance company, I did an average of 50-70 claims per hour, yet they always wanted more, more, more.)  Do these people really think that employers are actually going to go for this?  I can see people talking while they’re on a treadmill, and even reading while they’re on a treadmill, but actually being able to type – with speed – while they’re on a treadmill?  No way in HELL!

The way they worded it bothered me, too:

The key to fighting obesity and many other health problems is to keep people from spending their days desk-bound.

FIGHTING obesity?  What… fat people are their enemy now?  What the hell is going to be next?  “Fighting redheadedness?”

And the last paragraph really got me.

“Over the last 150 years, we’ve become chair-imprisoned. We are behind a screen all day at work. We are in a car or bus getting to and from work. And in the evening, we are in a chair watching television or surfing the Internet,” Levine said. “We’ve gone from being on our legs all day to being on our bottoms all day.”

Since when were these people omnipotent?  How do they know what people do all day long?  And why the insinuation that it’s just “teh fatties” that are on their bottoms all day?

Sometimes, I’m glad I don’t work anymore.  It makes me wonder what kind of bullshit I might have to put up with (I can honestly say that when I DID work, I didn’t suffer any “fat hatred” in the workplace, but that was before the contagious “obesity epidemic” hit. *cough* bullshit *cough*)


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