Changing The Way I Think

So I woke up this morning, knowing that I need to take my daughter into town to buy some new school clothes (she’s rapidly growing out of what she already has, to the point of being in extreme uncomfort).  Most of the time, on a Saturday, I’ll either A) stay in my pajamas all day; or B) not get dressed until I absolutely HAVE to.  But knowing that I’d need to go out, I figured I’d get dressed before I even came downstairs.

Normally, I just throw on any old thing.  Which, a lot of the time, makes me look like the stereotype that a lot of people have about fat people: a blob slob.  Basically, I think to myself: why bother?  I’m fat anyway, so why bother making the effort to look good?

But this morning, I found myself looking from my wardrobe to my dresser, increasingly feeling the desire to not just throw on any old thing, but to…. *gasp* … look good!  I’m not talking “going to a wedding” good, just your every day “something other than trackies and a t-shirt” good.

I kept arguing with myself:

What’s the point?
But why not?
I’m just going into town.
Who cares what I look like?
You do!
Yeah, but that doesn’t amount to a hill of beans.
It should!
Why should you need an excuse to look your best?

That’s when it hit me.  Why should I need an excuse to look my best?  Why should I spend every day of my life looking like I’ve already given up on it?

So I put on my cream-colored jeans and my red & cream printed top.  The outfit that I’ve only worn once, to go out to dinner with the Hub in.  I thought I might feel silly, being so dressed up on a Saturday.  But you know what?

I just feel good!!!

What a concept.  😛


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